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KeDoc: the cloud solution for document management

Il core of KeDoc is Alfresco, the document archival and sharing system distributed for Windows, Linux, and GDPR compliant systems

How does cloud document management work

  • Log in to KeDoc using the browser on any device
  • Type your credentials and enter the company dashboard where you can find the list of folders of all your clients.
  • Inside each folder you can easily organize files and their information
  • Each document can be integrated with extra information that simplifies the search by keyword

Use KeDoc to archive your digital documents

Why choose KeDoc for your digital documents

Want to simplify documents and process management in your company?

KeDoc is available in two versions

in Cloud

26,00 Euros


  • In Cloud on our Data Center
  • 130,00 Euros/month Hosting - Backup - Recovery Disaster
  • 4,00 Euros/month for each extra 20 GB archival space

on Premise

26,00 Euros


  • Can be installed on your Server
  • -
  • -

Do you wish to purchase a version for multiple users?

More users, cheaper price