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3Dera®: the 3D real-time rendering engine on the web

It is a framework for the management of 3D content, easy to integrate, which does not need mathematical knowledge or dedicated hardware resources to be used efficiently.

How does 3Dera® real-time 3D work

  • The JS library can be integrated manually or through package manager. The package is available for both TypeScript and JavaScript.
  • The engine initialization goes through two phases
  • First: we choose the Canvas element of the page where we wish to deliver the scene rendering.
  • Second: we start the scene that makes us interact with the object.
  • We choose the preset, for example ORBIT, which is the classic e-commerce product that provides an object in close-up for user interaction: it can be rotated in all directions, zoomed in or out.
  • We upload a zip file of the 3D model of the object to show in the 3D configurator.
  • With these simple commands we can zoom in and rotate the product, interact with it also on mobile device through touch gestures.

Why choose 3Dera® as 3D product configurator

3Dera® is available in different versions

Are you interested in 3D real-time but not in e-commerce?

No problem, 3Dera® is a 3D solution developed for any 3D configurator need
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