Hosting and Housing

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A hosting service is a space on a web server that makes a website, e-commerce, or application available online.

Data Center technological infrastructure

Primary data center site

The technological infrastructure provided for “Business Services” is hosted by two sites of two Italian Data Centers, our partners, in adequate environments compliant with both the hardware characteristics requested by the manufacturer and the needs of standard maintenance. Data Centers, Tier 4 classified, are constantly monitored (7x24x365).

These centers ensure that all these facilities are active, in compliance with the laws in force:

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The hardware used relies on failover technologies that limit possible downtime after minor failures.

Main firewalls come with physical redundancy, preferably with an automatic switch to the stand-by hardware. Switch networks on the server network are redundant.

The infrastructure that provides application services is made of a fully redundant cluster based on a VMware vSphere 5 technology with “High availability feature” functions enabled.

Internet line: full duplex 10mbps, SLA Uptime guaranteed: 99,7% (annually)

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