IT solutions: we help you digitize your company

Our IT solutions stem from years of experience in software development and support of the processes of different companies with different working fields.

Our IT solutions

Big and small companies cannot avoid going digital, from enhancing their internal processes thanks to the benefits of technology, to creating a working environment where everyone can gain benefits from using a software.  

With websites and e-commerce, a company looks to the world outside by offering its services online. With Factordev IT solutions, the company looks on the inside, by optimizing production processes, sales, and the management of branches and personnel.  


Manage access, company branches, meeting rooms and work stations booking

KeAzienda records visitor access to the company reception desk and integrates with the electronic signature , allowing the dematerialization of the visitors’ logbook. It also supports receptionists to manage stocks, the time planning of meeting rooms and the booking of work stations. All these options are available for company groups, companies with multiple branches, or for locations hosting multiple companies.


The cloud solution to organize the digital documents of your company

KeDoc allows for the full management of digital documents to make them easily available in complete security in the cloud, and on any device. Documents are archived in a centralized storage, simplifying the research for information and speeding up the work of employees. KeDoc also allows to store, manage, and locate files and digital images acquired from paper sources.  


Sign your digital documents on tablet

KeFirma allows to include an electronic signature to all digital documents of your company. It is an innovative, simple and secure system to sign through tablet and giving you the chance to get rid of paper in your company. Thanks to the use of certified procedures and reliable, guaranteed tools, the signature included with KeFirma has a high level of legal validity.


Release diplomas and certificates on blockchain

KeCert digitizes training certificates on blockchain, helping to automatize and simplify the certificate-checking process. It allows Training bodies to maintain control over each phase in the life of the certificates created; it allows students to show their competences and titles achieved; it also allows recruiters to check independently the veracity of candidate’s statements.


It integrates a 3D project in your web applications

3Dera® is a 3D rendering engine that allows for the creation of real-time 3D solutions for the web. 3Dera® creates a realistic experience that you can offer to your clients. You can create a 3D product configurator, create a 3D virtual show room, make your clients interact with your artworks by creating a virtual museum, or optimize the loading plan for your containers. These are just a few ideas on how to use our 3D solution.