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KeFirma: the graphometric signature solution on tablet

KeFirma is an innovative, simple, and secure system to sign documents on tablet and digitize your company documents.

How does graphometric signature work

  • Your clients, suppliers, or employees sign the digital document directly on your tablet or graphics tablet connected to a computer.
  • KeFirma detects the graphometric signature of the person who signed and proceeds with the validation of the document on the cloud.
  • The document is archived on digital repository systems compliant with legal regulations, and it can be fetched whenever necessary.

Use KeFirma for a paper-free company

Why choose KeFirma for the electronic signature of digital documents

Introduce the electronic signature in your company

KeFirma technology

KeFirma is based on graphometric technology, which means that the device on which the person signs acquires the behavioural biometric parameters that make a signature unique, such as:

  • Rhythm
  • Speed
  • Pressure
  • Acceleration
  • Movement

Each document managed by KeFirma using graphometric signature has the maximum security level possible thanks to an asymmetric encryption mechanism.

It means that there are two keys that allow for the signature to be decrypted: the first key (public) identifies the digital print of the sender, but the recipient can decipher the message only using a second key.  

The latter is preserved by a notary, who can use the key only in case of a legal dispute, to verify the authenticity of the graphometric signature.

Want to know more about graphometric signature?

KeFirma electronic signature is useful for:

icona truck


All commercial entities that need to manage – also on-the-move – sales contracts, orders, estimates, reports, etc.
icona contratto di vendita


All companies operating in logistics, such as couriers, shippers and carriers, who need to manage shipping documents and delivery bills.
icona banca e assicurazione

Banks and Insurance companies

Anyone involved in the banking or insurance field who manages large amounts of documents with legal validity.
icona strutture mediche

Medical facilities

All medical facilities, healthcare professionals and dental offices may benefit from the use of KeFirma to manage informed consent documents, medical history forms, and all kinds of documents that would otherwise be handled physically.

You don’t work in any of these fields but still need to sign digital documents?

KeFirma can help you in case of a legal dispute

With KeFirma, our digital signature solution, the signature on a document is open to evaluation on a legal dispute, because it is a plain electronic signature. Compared to paper signatures, the handwritten trait is associated with biometric parameters that, in case of a legal dispute, can be evaluated by a calligraphy expert beyond the signature trait.  

The system and process supporting KeFirma provide more information beyond the calligraphy verification, since it is possible to associate these parameters to documents:

  • Univocity of biometric data for the person who signs
  • The certainty of the date of the signature
  • The scanning of the identity document for the person who signs
  • The possibility to store the document in electronic format
  • The possibility to access the private deciphering key available to the notary

KeFirma is available in two versions


19,00 Euros

month/signature line

  • This version is offered with the installation of KeFirma with the graphometric parameter detection function


14,00 Euros

month/signature line

  • This version is offered with the installation of KeFirma without the graphometric parameter detection function
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KeFirma is provided by Kedos

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