Brand Identity

The logo reflects the original and distinctive imprint of a company

The logo is an image that is more easily associated with a brand, which is why it has to reflect its values and aims. The study and design of a logo are the starting point to build an effective bran identity.

What makes a logo really effective?

What characteristics should a logo have to ensure a visual identity with a strong impact?

A logo should be:

  • unique, that is created specifically for a single company.
  • easy to remember and recognize.
  • able to communicate and identify the very spirit of the company.
  • versatile, that is able to adapt to different sizes and communication channels or materials.

The logo is the starting point to create your corporate image. Creating a visual identity guarantees that your brand stays recognizable through time; therefore, it is crucial that all the elements that compose your corporate communication (logo, business cards, catalogues, website, etc.) work harmoniously together to help consumers recognize your brand with absolute confidence.

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Restyling logo: why is it necessary

Over time, it might be necessary to restyle a brand or logo.

A logo and a coherent graphic style can help strengthen and set your activity apart from competitors both on and off the web. It takes time, but it can happen that a restyling for a logo is the only way to update your image.

The main reasons to restyle a logo are:

Do you wish to update your logo and communicate a new image to your clients?

The conception of the Factordev logo

Our path towards our logo restyling was meant to make our corporate communication more effective and immediate. We wanted to pull together tradition and innovation, choosing a more modern graphic pattern.
icona logo versatile

First Step

The logo, after an accurate study and analysis phase, was redesigned to achieve an easier, memorable, versatile and flexible version.
icona progettazione logo

Second Step

Factordev was born in Pontremoli, in the Lunigiana, between Tuscany, Liguria and Emilia Romagna regions. The design wishes to emphasize and strengthen the identity of our company, with a clear connection to the huge bell tower, also symbol of the city, known as “Campanone”.
icona palette colori

Third Step

The colors have always represented an extremely unique and distinctive element from our competitors, that is why we chose to maintain a continuity with the previous logos, but using warmer hues to make our brand more contemporary and catchy.
icona scelta del font

Fourth Step

About the logotype, we chose a linear and clear font. The characters used have an extremely clean and comprehensible design, with the aim to communicate a professional yet simple image.

Logo creation

A crucial phase in the growth of your company.

The creation of the brand and logo, or their restyling, will be carried out by our staff after an attentive phase of study and analysis, using the styles and the colors that are more coherent with your identity, creating a whole that is pleasing and effective, persisting in the mind of whoever sees it.  

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