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KeCert: the solution for digital training certificates on blockchain

KeCert is based on Ethereum blockchain, it automates and simplifies the checking process for certificates.

How does the digitization of training certificates work?

  • The Training body provides a digital certificate to the students who completed their training path.
  • The ownership and validity of the certificate is guaranteed by the transaction on blockchain, a public ledger where information is immutable
  • The student can use the training certificate freely and on any platform
  • Recruiters can check the authenticity of the study title, confident that such certificate has actually been released by the Training body for a specific person

Use blockchain to ensure the authenticity of your training certificates

Why choose KeCert for your digital certificates?

Want to know how easy it is to generate digital certificates and check their authenticity through KeCert?

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KeCert is the solution created by Kedos to guarantee the security and authenticity of training certificates on blockchain

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