Graphics & Print: from Brand Identity to print graphics

Brand Identity is crucial to create a website

It is a set of graphic elements that represent the company both online and in print.

Studying Brand Identity means collaborating closely with clients to understand the main features of their companies, their reference points, what message must be conveyed when the company enters the market.

Study of the corporate image

It is even more stimulating to study a new corporate image for a company that wishes to change it to make it more in step with the times.

Also, Factordev committed to the restyling of its logo and image, and just like we would work with our clients, we started with the design of the logo, our letterhead paper, business cards, leaflets, and finally our website.

Print and digital graphics

Our long-lasting experience in the field helped us better understand how the design of a logo, the study of corporate image, the creation of the website often go hand in hand with the need to have customized business cards and leaflets to present a company and its team at fairs, meetings, conferences.  

The high impact of social media brought with it specific graphic needs beyond Brand Identity and print graphics, namely the study and the graphic realization of images and digital content to advertise the company and its activities in posts, stories, events.  

Factordev professionals also work with graphic design both digital and on paper.